Which browser is the fastest?

See how the 5 most popular browsers compare in terms of speed. The SunSpider javascript benchmark results are shown below. A lower total score is better.

Safari 5.0.2: 347.8 ms

Opera 10.63: 291.4 ms

Chrome 7.0: 310.s ms

Firefox 3.6.1: 720.4 ms

Internet Explorer 8.0: 4522.6 ms

As expected, Internet Explorer 8 was the slowest, and more than 10 times as slow as the top 3: Opera, Chrome and Safari.

Opera, which all but faded in terms of non-smartphone market share has shown rapid improvement recently in javascript speed and remains a serious but niche contender in the browser game.

Is Firefox the new Internet Explorer? It is more than twice as slow as the top 3. In light of the results, it is obvious why Firefox isn’t gaining market share, while Chrome is making large headway by stealing both IE’s and Firefox’s user base.

Microsoft hasn’t thrown its hat in just yet, since the IE 9 beta has┬áreceived┬átons of praise for its speed and conformity to web standards.

Because Internet Explorer is so slow, sucks, and is noncompliant with browser standards, dislike it on DownaPeg.com!

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